The Key to Your Return to Work Plan: The SmartSpace Global Mobile App

Connect your employees to the people, places, and information they need to safely return to the office—all via their mobile device.

With concern for employee health and safety at an all-time high, businesses are seeking solutions that enable a safe return to the workplace, while maximizing the control they have over how the office space is used. Yet in today’s environment, those solutions need to be contactless and easy to scale, as well as simple for any employee to use.

SmartSpace Global (SSG) not only provides you with the tools you need to better manage your bookable desks and meeting rooms over time, but also offers a mobile app that enables your employees to quickly and easily reserve workstations or meeting rooms via their mobile devices. The SSG mobile app gives your business dynamic, granular control of reservable spaces, allowing you to make desks and rooms available to be easily booked by groups of people defined by discipline, department, and neighborhood. This strategy is becoming very effective for companies bringing their employees back to the office—whether full time or using a hybrid workforce plan.

Additionally, you can make spaces available only on specific days based on sanitation schedules and social distancing requirements, ensuring that employee health and safety is top-of-mind. Once you’ve defined available spaces, the SSG mobile app makes it easy for your employees to book the space they need on the fly.

The SSG Mobile app currently empowers over 30,000 users to book office space resources.

Employees need flexible, intelligent tools that adapt to the specific needs of their role. SSG mobile gives you that, and more.

By giving your business greater control of space usage and delivering an easy-to-use mobile experience, the SSG platform gives employees a method of safely engaging with the workplace, offers them the ability to plan their day in advance, as well as interact with the office once on site. Plus, each interaction is managed and analyzed by the platform, allowing for actionable insights to drive future real-estate decisions for your business.

By incorporating intuitive visual maps, point-to-point wayfinding, desk booking, meeting room management functionality and more, the SSG mobile app connects your employees to the tools that they need to safely and successfully transition back to the workplace.

The SmartSpace Global Mobile App Features:


Leverage the Connected Employee Experience and help your employees save time by easily locating the quickest route to a nearby free desk, their next meeting, a colleague, the coffee bar, and more—all from a high contrast, high quality interactive map that is 2D for speed of display, yet looks 3D.

Desk Management

View real-time desk availability and colleague locations to book a desk where you want, when you want it—whether ad hoc or in advance.

Meeting Room Management

Check the availability of meeting rooms, reserve spaces instantly or in advance, schedule meeting invitations, and free up unused room reservations, all from your mobile phone.

Visual Mapping

Help your employees better navigate your office space with customized floor plans and location mapping. Plus, share your location with colleagues to help them see exactly where you are.

Sensor Integration

Combine location data from the SSG mobile app with IoT sensor data that feeds directly into the SSG analytics portal, giving you the information you need to optimize your space. Report space usage within a neighborhood, ata desk, or in a room—counting the exact people within these spaces—to detect and report on misuse of large meeting rooms, or replan your office based on actual usage rather than just booking data, which can be misleading.

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