Getting More Out of Your Workplace with Space Optimization Software

Learn how space optimization software can help companies safely bring employees back to the office, plus help make data-driven commercial real estate decisions over time.

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Most businesses know that their office spaces aren’t being used efficiently. Even before the pandemic, desks and meeting rooms sat empty, large conference rooms were only used by groups of two or three, and rooms enabled with video conferencing technology were being used for face-to-face interactions. With social distancing guidelines in place and increased concern around workplace health and safety, many offices are now being redesigned to support a hybrid workforce and primarily function as a venue for collaboration. These concerns, along with the rising cost of real estate, have pushed employers to find strategies to reduce property costs and make better use of their space.

In this guide, you’ll learn how space optimization software can help:

  • Enable an activity-based working environment
  • Support a hybrid workforce with desk and room booking capabilities
  • Inform real estate decisions
  • Reduce energy waste
  • Improve day-to-day office operations

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