Dynamic In-Office Communications Built for Today’s Hybrid Workforce

The purpose and use of the office changed when hybrid work became the norm. But did your approach to in-office communications and space management evolve at the same time? Fill out the form to download our latest guide on dynamic communications built for the hybrid workforce.

Download Our Dynamic Neighborhoods Guide

The modern workplace has gone through a transformation—both in how office space is designed and used, as well as how communications are delivered for on-site, remote, and frontline employees. Prior to the pandemic, many businesses created neighborhoods for specific teams, delivering relevant communications to those employees via digital signage, while remote employees relied on mass email to receive company information. Then the pandemic hit. Many offices were either partially or completely shut down for an extended period, and a renewed focus on communicating effectively with a remote workforce emerged.

In this guide, you’ll learn about:

  • The technology needed to help adapt to changing office space needs
  • How space management software combined with digital signage can help enable dynamic in-office communications
  • How to set up dynamic office neighborhoods
  • How to create an integrated workplace experience
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