Technology to Facilitate a Safe Return to the Office

The need to provide for the health and safety of employees is changing the office environment. Moving forward, offices will look and function differently, especially when it comes to space utilization and resource booking, as well as contact tracing and social distancing capabilities. In this guide, you’ll learn about the software you’ll need to help safely reopen your workplace, while also gaining data about how your space is being used. To view our Return to Work Guide, please fill out the form below.

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Learn about the software that supports a safe transition back to the office

Most businesses are building or executing their ‘return to work’ plans right now. This is an effort you can’t afford to get wrong. You need a way to safely connect your employees to the physical resources they’ll need—desk space and conference rooms. The key to getting this right hinges on whether the solution you choose is easy for your employees to use.

Office Hoteling App for Desk Booking Systems & Meeting Room Management

Enabling employees with desk and room booking through an easy to use mobile app is a safer way to return to the office. And, if an outbreak does occur, you’re armed with the critical information necessary to start contact tracing. SmartSpace Global (SSG), an FWI company, provides solutions for booking desks and conference room space, implementing health and safety protocols such as social distancing and contact tracing, and understanding resource utilization to inform real estate sizing decisions.

Smart Office Solutions for Social Distancing & Contact Tracing

SmartSpace Global can help deliver solutions for your shorter-term social distancing and contact tracing challenges in addition to solutions for the longer-term implications COVID will have on office space utilization. Keep your employees safe by limiting what resources can be used and put control in your employees’ hands with a mobile app that lets them book the desk and conference rooms they need.

What’s in the SmartSpace Global Return to Work Guide?

In our comprehensive Return to Work guide, you’ll learn about the software you’ll need to help safely reopen your office and optimize how that space is used today and into the future.

People with Face Masks at Work in Office After Lockdown
  • Enable social distancing technologies
  • Create flexible desk booking systems
  • Utilize sensor technology for workplace safety
  • Manage meeting rooms on our mobile app
  • Analyze and report on office resource utilization
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